Short but important!

The Essence-Calculator is only a helper Tool! It is not replacing you character panel ingame!

Even if i have done my best, that all calculated values are correct (i use the calculator too!) i can not give any guarantee that you will see at the end the same numbers in your character panel as shown in the calculator.

Infos: how it is working

Preparing your character ingame

To use the Essence-Calculator in a meaningful way you should remove/consider the following things ingame:

  • You should not have any active buffs (hope, buffood, minstrel hynm, etc.) on your character. You can: but in that case take care that non of the buffs is running out during you enter your values into the Calculator.
  • Strip any armours for which you want use an essence gear.
  • Strip any jewelry for which you want use an essence gear.
  • Reset your skill-tree!
    i.e. you sould not have any specialization, since the Calculator can not deal with skills. If you have any active specialization you may get different values from the Calculator as you see ingame.
  • Strip weapons, shields, class items only if there is an essence variant of it.
  • The Calculator do not deal with racial traits.
  • You can strip virtues if you want adjust them in the Calculator.

Enter your values

  1. If you are ready, open your character panel ingame and enter your values into the appropriate field in the row "Without gear" of the Calculator.
    Enter your values without dots. (the Calculator accept only numbers on those fields)

The Function-Buttons

  1. With the function buttons you can configure (a little bit) the Calculator to show or hide things.
    Moving your mouse over a button, and you will see a tool-tipp for that button. e.g you can click in the "eye" to show/hide the table with all the choosen items/essences etc. values

The Select Lists

  1. Behind the select lists you will find the appropriate items i.e. head armour, chest armour and so on.
    You can choose any time a different item, the Calculator will recalculate all values.
    If you don't want use a list or you want reset only a specific list just let the list empty i.e. you need to select the origin value ("Head", "Shoulder" etc.) in that list.
  2. For every chosen item you will get the amount of possible essence slots and then you can choose the essence.
    The Calculator shows only meaningful essences for you class (no might for minstrel etc.)

What is displayed?

  1. In every select list you can move your mouse over a list-item. a "tool-tipp" will show then the item values. you can see this values - if you selected an item - in the values-table (click on the "eye")

  2. Row "With gear": in this row you can see the cumulated raw-values from items, essences, virtues etc.
    The raw-value means, that there has not been any calculation with class modifiers etc. on it.

    Row "Total": in this row you will see the total calculated value inc. any class modifiers and set bonuses:
    • e.g. for every class the morale value you get from vitality will be added to the raw-value of morale to get the total morale value.
      This values should be the same as you will see in your character panel (hopefully).

Percentage, +/- to Cap, T1 and T2 Cap

  1. The percent values in the row "In Percent" shows always the cumulated value of all factors and modifiers in percent.
    If you move your mouse over the little speech bubble, you will get additional information (if any available):

  2. In the row "+/- to Cap" you will always see two values:
    The 1st one shows the difference between your value and the Cap in percent.
    The 2nd one (in parenthesis) shows this difference in numbers.
    • Green value means, you are over the Cap

    • Red value means, you are under the Cap

    • Yellow value means, you got some direct percent bonus but in absoute numbers you did not reach the Cap.

  3. Toggle between T1 and T2 Cap:
    With the Cap button you can toggle between the T1 and the T2 cap. If you toggle, all values will recalculated according to the chosen Cap.
    The T1 Cap is referring to level 105 mobs. The T2 Cap is referring to level 108 mobs (bosses) in T2 instances.

  4. Why some values do not change in %-value in the row "+/- to Cap" when toggle between T1 and T2 Cap?
    Your percentage Cap is the same on T2 too but you will need higher number values to reach the Cap.

  5. Properties without Cap:
    There are some properties (e.g Finesse) which do not have a Cap resp. the curve to reach the Cap proceeds more and more flat, in a way that it is practically not possible to reach it.


For whom is the Essence-Calculator?

  1. Only for classes at level 105!

What's included?

  1. Essence armour: level 100 and level 105 (no purple items)
  2. Essence jewelry: level 100 and level 105 (no purple items)
  3. Cloaks: only the essence cloaks from the epic-book quest
  4. Class items /bows: only the essence class items / essence bows from which came out with update 18.2.
  5. Essences: only the three highest tiers of T7 and T8 essences.
    For all classes: only the meaningful essences will be shown (no might, block etc. for will classes).
  6. Virtues: only virtues at rank 19

How are the values calculated?

  1. The basic concept for the calculation is the "Rating to percentage formula"
    For more information on how to calucate the values see the linked page.

Why only this items and why not item x and/or item y?

  1. Because this here is a calculator for essence gear in the first place.

Why only level 105?

  1. Because level 105 is the level Cap at the moment and i'm playing on that level.

Why only virtues of rank 19?

  1. Because they are not so difficult to reach. (do your book of deeds!)

I would like to have ... (buff food, state tomes, functions, etc.)

  1. Me too!
  2. Maybe. Somewhere along the way.
    If you really want everything: Thread: LotroCalc - calculate stats & plan upgrades

I have found a mistake/error!

  1. That you should give somewhere and someone known!

How is this made everything here?

  1. With: brain (version 1.0) and with time & effort

I would like to know if/how/where/what/who/why/why not ...?

  1. Me too!